Achieve Engagement


We'd like to adapt our

programs and initiatives to

new learning formats

and experiences.

We'll collaborate with you to update and re-invent your experiences in fresh ways that increase access and engagement, including:

  • Digital adaptation

  • Communication design

  • Module lay-out

  • Scaling and

  • Distribution


Re-invent learning for the next generation!

You're happy with your existing programs. The lessons are still essential to your business, and the content has stood the test of time. Great!


What has changed is your audience.


With varied schedules, less time, multiple generations and new technology, you now want to adapt your programs to reach and develop these audiences while accommodating their diverse schedules, work habits and learning modes.


We bring together curriculum expertise, technology and creative design to upgrade existing programs to increase access and engagement. Our web-based and m-learning adaptations blend many tactics including virtual facilitation, module layouts, video content, gamifications or other learner-centric experiences.

As curriculum experts, we focus on the original program’s context and objectives and the best methods to impart its lessons so they “stick” and quickly become daily behaviors and practices.


How We Help Organizations Re-invent Learning

Digital formats.png


We'll re-format and optimize your content for participation via web and mobile devices. These formats can be designed with live streaming components or built as self-paced experiences with built-in exercises and quizzes.

As curriculum developers, we consult with you to ensure new formats remain true to the program's context, lessons and objectives.



We translate dense copy into visual concepts that “say it with images” using videos, infographics and other intuitive designs.

We'll also convert concepts into memorable phrases and acronyms to ensure they are more effectively grasped, retained and applied.​  


We help streamline and organize your program into bite-size modules that are more easily consumed and that sustain learners' energy and interest throughout the learning process. 




We can scale content so the programs' key points can be taught within different time-frames.

We can also segment programs for: distributed learning experiences; the inclusion of modules for specialized learner groups; or to allow for add-on segments such as group meetings or coaching sessions.