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We'll match your objectives and audience with interesting, relevant content and delivery modes that drive engagement, on-the-job application and enthusiasm for future offerings.

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We're looking for the right solutions and the right experiences.

We want employees to learn, apply what they learn and look forward to learning more.

Achieve Performance

We've designed and delivered learning experiences for groups and individuals for nearly 30 years.

What makes our learning solutions different?


Designed for versatility. 

Whether in-person, online, single-day or distributed, we deliver programs with content, formats and time-modules that are relevant to your audiences' particular objectives, KPI's, schedules and learning modes.

Easily scaled.

We readily scale our programs so learning can be effectively experienced and absorbed, whether the "participant" is a large department, team or individual. Our multiple delivery options  also enable you to provide remote learning and programs paced over time to build skills incrementally.


Our learning experiences always dedicate time to application so new concepts are understood through relevant, hands-on practice.


Our learning experiences include extended support to ensure new learning takes root through understanding and situational, hands-on application.

Positive Impact.

The learner's experience is a top priority. We leverage all aspects – from content and pace to interaction – to bring concepts to life and create positive, memorable experiences that generate enthusiasm for future learning.


Learning Categories



Our multidisciplinary leadership programs improve leaders' abilities to communicate organizational goals; rally support; lead productive teams;  and mentor, develop and retain key talent. We have specialized programs in each of these areas:

  • Leading and Managing Change

  • Developing People

  • Performance Coaching

  • Effective Supervision

  • Effective Communication

  • Leading and Working in Teams

  • Building Emotional Intelligence

  • Increasing Job & Career Satisfaction


Like street traffic, there are usually several areas where productivity can slow down or stall. Our solutions focus on opening-up those areas to improve flow and generate engagement, motivation and better results.  Several programs are available addressing the following topics:

  • Setting and Achieving Goals

  • Managing Daily Priorities

  • Running Productive Meetings

  • Sales, Business Development and Account Management

  • Managing communications volume and flow from multiple platforms and channels.

​Sales: Growth and Management

Our sales programs have increased revenues and win-rates for all levels of business development professionals in a broad range of industries, from accounting and financial services to media, tech hardware and SaaS. Our facilitators and coaches in this category have "been in your shoes" as front-line salespeople themselves and mangers who have built, mentored and grown top-performing sales teams at Fortune 500 companies. Our professional development programs in this category include:

  • Consultative Selling: Discovery and Situational Selling

  • StorySelling: Pitching and Presentations for Business Development

  • Prospecting and Market Expansion

  • Client and Territory Growth Strategy

  • Sales Performance Coaching and Mentoring

Communication Skills

We live a world where communication reigns and takes many forms – each of which requires different skills. Our solutions include several programs in each of these topic areas, including one-to-one coaching:

  • Presentation Skills

  • Mastering Virtual and Tech-based Communication

  • StorySelling: Pitching and Presentations for Business Development and Marketing

  • Communication with Teams and Associates

  • Activating dialogues to discover, motivate and retain

  • Writing: Keeping it simple in all forms of written content

Virtual Communication

Telecommunications. The Cloud. Digitally connecting with clients and colleagues. These common business practices create unique communication dynamics. Today, organizations that pair their state-of-the art technology with media-savvy skills programs lead the way in innovation, management, sales and culture.

Our Virtual Communication programs help people master the skills that demonstrate leadership, professionalism and confidence in the digital arena. Our learning facilitators in this category have professional experience in television, radio and state-of-the-art systems. Our programs address:

  • Virtual Presentations

  • Running Productive Webcasts and Meetings

  • StorySelling: Pitching and Presenting Ideas

  • Managing Remote Teams  

  • Executive Media Training

  • Email: Managing volume and flow

  • Managing multiple text-based platforms – apps, chat forums, collaborative platforms



In-depth studies from thought-leading management, recruitment and academic organizations emphasize superior cognitive ability – spanning thought and emotion – as the single most important human skill for the workforce of the future. Our “Brain Suite” of programs takes a systemic approach to helping people innovate, problem-solve, create and relate. We develop and sharpen both “left brain” and “right brain” capabilities though learning experiences that advance:

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Breakthrough Creativity

  • Emotional Intelligence

Culture and Workplace

Culture instills purpose, inspires success and attracts and retains a collaborative and engaged workforce. To support the development of a constructive, meaningful company culture we offer assessments and programs to help organizations with:

  • Understanding and Operationalizing Culture

  • Aligning Purpose, Strengths and Recognition

  • Performance Coaching and Mentoring

  • Constructive Conversations

  • Cultivating teamwork across the organization

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Leveraging a Multi-generational Workforce

  • Respect in the Workplace: preventing bullying and sexual harassment

  • Workplace Safety

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